Topics in the semantics of pronouns: Crossover phenomena

Lecturer: Gennaro Chierchia
Time: 11:30-13:00
Room: G02, School of Pharmacy


Weak Crossover phenomena have been studied extensively over the past 30 years and remain still largely mysterious. In this course, we will explore a line of analysis based on current approaches to Discourse Anaphora and, more specifically, Dynamic Semantics. We will try to make a case that these approaches have interesting consequences for and shed some new light on crossover phenomena and on some key related syntactic notions, like the notion of A-position and A vs. A’-movement.

We will start by reviewing briefly the theories of pronominal anaphora developed in the 80s and 90s within Discourse Representation Theory, Situation Based semantics, and dynamic semantics. This will involve looking at both canonical C-command binding and non C-command binding (i.e. donkey anaphora). We will try to get a sense of what the balance of these different approaches to anaphora is especially in connection with the scope an anaphoric properties of indefinites. We will then explore a new approach to crossover phenomena based on Dynamic Semantics.

Lecture 1 handout

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