Summer School 2021

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to cancelled the ACTL Summer School 2020, which was scheduled to be held at the University of York on Mon 29 June-Fri 3 July 2020. However, we are hoping to organize it there around the same time in 2021, if the circumstances allow us to. More information will be made available here.

The next ACTL Summer School will take place at the University of York on Monday 29 June – Friday 3 July 2020

The School will be followed by a two days conference on the relation between Experimental and Theoretical Linguistics (on Saturday July 4 – Sunday July 5)

Invited Lecturers:

  • Semantics: Ilaria Frana (University of Enna “Kore”)
  • Psycholinguistics: Jesse Harris (UCLA)
  • Phonology: Gaja Jarosz (UMass, Amherst)
  • Syntax: James McCloskey (UC Santa Cruz)


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