Sentence Processing Reading Group

Organiser: Varvara Kuz (UCL)

This reading group is open to anyone with an interest in psycholinguistics and sentence processing. We would like to explore the areas of sentence processing in connection to executive function, the role of prediction and expectation adaptation in sentence processing as well as bilingual sentence processing but are open to discussions on other related topics.

The meetings will be organized bi-weekly, except for the last two meetings which will be held in consecutive weeks. The first session will be held on Tuesday the 20th of October at 4:30 pm (tentative). The meetings will last approximately one hour, with one of the participants making a short presentation on one or two related papers, which will then be discussed with the rest of the group for the remainder of the session.

We will be selecting the first paper, but any suggestions on any of the mentioned or related topics are welcome!

For any more information on the reading group or for any suggestions, please contact Varvara Kuz at .

Meeting schedule and papers to be discussed

October 20th: Hsu, N. S., & Novick, J. M. (2016). Dynamic engagement of cognitive control modulates recovery from misinterpretation during real-time language processing. Psychological science, 27(4), 572-582.

November 3rd: Yan, S., & Jaeger, T. F. (2020). Expectation adaptation during natural reading. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 1-29. (tentative)

November 17th: Sturt, P. (2007). Semantic re-interpretation and garden path recovery. Cognition105(2), 477-488.

December 1st: Zirnstein, M., van Hell, J. G., & Kroll, J. F. (2019). Cognitive control and language ability contribute to online reading comprehension: Implications for older adult bilinguals. International Journal of Bilingualism23(5), 971-985.

December 8th: TBC

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