Morphology in Language Processing

By Adam Ussishkin


This course will provide an introduction to the study of morphology using psycholinguistic techniques, with a focus on behavioral studies of lexical access and word recognition in the visual and auditory modalities. The course will include discussion of how morphological influences on lexical processing can be teased apart from contributions of semantic and phonological/form overlap. In addition to reviewing work on well-studied languages like English, we will focus on studies of the typologically unusual nonconcatenative morphological structures common in Semitic languages (specifically, Hebrew, Arabic, and Maltese).

Tentative course schedule:

  • Monday 12th: Introduction to models and introduction to methods; background on Semitic morphology Slides
  • Tuesday 13th: Visual word recognition and Semitic morphology
  • Wednesday 14th: Auditory work recognition and Semitic morphology
  • Thursday 15th: Lexical access in Maltese
  • Friday 16th: How to design and implement an auditory masked priming experiment
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