Contextual Information in Phonology

Lecturer: Yuni Kim (University of Essex)
Time: 11:30-13:00
Room: G15, Chandler House


This course surveys some of the major options for analysing phonological processes that are restricted to some independently definable context, such as a specific morphological constituent or prosodic domain. We will discuss four theoretical devices (cophonologies, indexed constraints, morphophonological strata, and the prosodic hierarchy), assessing differences in prediction and the extent of their empirical coverage. We will also ask to what extent meta- or extralinguistic information can or should be incorporated into phonological theories. Throughout, there will be emphasis on the contributions of lesser studied and/or typologically unusual languages to the development of the theories.

Tentative schedule:

  • Monday 25th – A typology of contextual effects [ handoutslides ]
  • Tuesday 26th – Cophonology theory [ slides ]
  • Wednesday 27th – Indexed constraints [ slides ]
  • Thursday 28th – Stratal phonology [ slides ]
  • Friday 29th – The prosodic hierarchy [ slides ]


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