Autumn School 2016


There are three courses. Each course consists of 4 lectures + 4 tutorials + 1 guest lecture.

  • Formal semantics by Hazel Pearson (Queen Mary) & Yasu Sudo (UCL)
    • 14 Oct: Perspective and the Self in Natural Language 1 by Hazel Pearson [ lecture ] [ tutorial ]
    • 04 Nov: Mass/count by Yasu Sudo [ handout ]
    • 11 Nov: Plurality by Yasu Sudo [ handout ]
    • 18 Nov: Perspective and the Self in Natural Language 2 by Hazel Pearson
    • Guest lecture by Jacopo Romoli (Ulster) at 11-12:30 on 11 Nov. [ slides ]
  • Syntax (Dialect Syntax and Variation) by Craig Sailor (Cambridge) & David Hall (Queen Mary)
  • Phonology by Jamie White (UCL), Sam Steddy (UCL), Linnaea Stockall (Queen Mary) & Wendell Kimper (Manchester)
    • 21 Oct: Universal biases in phonological learning by Jamie White [ lecture ] [ tutorial ]
    • 28 Oct: Anti-lexicalism and morphology by Sam Steddy [ lecture ] [ tutorial ]
    • 04 Nov: Phonological representations in the neurobiology of speech processing by Linnaea Stockall
    • 02 Dec: Lond-distance processes in phonology by Wendell Kimper
    • Guest lecture by Aditi Lahiri (Oxford) at 15:30-17:00 on 02 Dec.


All classes are held on Fridays in Chandler House (UCL Linguistics Department, 2 Wakefield St., WC1N 1PF, London). Please note that the morning session is in room B07 or G06, depending on the week. The afternoon sessions always take place in room 116.

Teaching does not start until 11 am to give participants travelling from outside London adequate opportunity to arrive on time using off-peak tickets.

11:00-12:30 1:30-3:00
Room 116
Room 116
Room 116
14 Oct Welcome Coffee at Lumen Cafe Semantics Lecture 1
Hazel Pearson
Semantics Tutorial 1
Hazel Pearson
No class
21 Oct Phonology Lecture 1 (B07)
Jamie White
Syntax Lecture 1
Craig Sailor & David Hall
Phonology Tutorial 1
Jamie White
Syntax Tutorial 1
Craig Sailor & David Hall
28 Oct Phonology Lecture 2 (B07)
Sam Steddy
Phonology Tutorial 2
Sam Steddy
Syntax Lecture 2
Craig Sailor & David Hall
Syntax Tutorial 2
Craig Sailor & David Hall
4 Nov Semantics Lecture 2 (G06)
Yasu Sudo
Phonology Lecture 3
Linnaea Stockall
Phonology Tutorial 3
Linnaea Stockall
Semantics Tutorial 2
Yasu Sudo
11 Nov Semantics Guest Lecture (B01)
Jacopo Romoli
Semantics Lecture 3
Yasu Sudo
Semantics Tutorial 3
Yasu Sudo
No class
18 Nov Semantics Lecture 4 (B07)
Hazel Pearson
Syntax Lecture 3
Craig Sailor & David Hall
Semantics Tutorial 4
Hazel Pearson
Syntax Tutorial 3
Craig Sailor & David Hall
25 Nov No class Syntax Guest Lecture
David Adger
Syntax Lecture 4
Craig Sailor & David Hall
Syntax Tutorial 4
Craig Sailor & David Hall
2 Dec Phonology Lecture 4 (B07)
Wendell Kimper
Phonology Tutorial 4
Wendell Kimper
Phonology Guest Lecture
Aditi Lahiri
No class

How to apply

First-year students in the MPhil/PhD programs at the participating institutions are expected to attend all the classes.

If you are not a first-year PhD student at one of the participating institutions, but still wish to apply, you should express you interest by emailing Yasu Sudo ( Alternatively, a letter may be sent to:

ACTL administrator
Department of Linguistics
Chandler House
2 Wakefield St.
London WC1N 1PF

Applicants must have completed a graduate level (or equivalent) course in Linguistics. If you have attended ACTL in the past and would like to come back, you’re always welcome. If you do not fit either of these categories but would like to attend, please contact Yasu Sudo ( to discuss your case.

Financial support

We will reimburse the first-year MPhil/PhD students at the participating intuitions for their travel expenses from outside of London at the end of the autumn school. Please keep your receipts and tickets. The courses themselves are offered free of charge.

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